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"Oh, I'm sorry. I meant to, but I had a crisis with a patient. One of my multiples had a new personality emerge - a one-hundred-and-ten-year-old Frenchwoman. It would have been too risky to put off his therapy. Plus I would have missed out on a wonderful recipe for bouillabaisse." - Niles Crane explaining why he didn't listen to Frasier's radio show

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Add-On Stories

Our Add-On Story Archive Read past add-on stories.

We're especially wild about add-on stories. Here are some that we created on Subspace Chatter (our WWIVnet bulletin board), using the WWIVnet Online Story Generator. Each person who signed into the bulletin board was shown the last line of the current story, then asked to contribute the next line. So, knowing only what the previous line said, if you didn't bother to go to the file section and read the entire thing, could make for some pretty hilarious surrealisms. NOTE: This stuff is rated PG or possibly PG 13. Our teens do a lot of the writing on these things. :)

Antonio in the 8th Dimension Our first story, written especially to give Andy Temple a hard time.

Star Trek CLXVIII We figured we had to do at least one Star Trek tale so here it is.

Lois and Clark Story "It Happens Every Year," designed to show Iris that we really DO like her favorite show!

The Vanishing Pickle A Firesign Theatre thing, unfinished.

A Halloween Tale by a bunch of silly people, most of whom are not part of this system.

The Interactive Fiction Webring List of sites devoted to add-on stories.

Interactive story software

Yahoo's Links to Other Add-On Stories on the Net This link works now :)

The Interactive Story Webring Another list of sites devoted to add-on stories.

Firesign Theatre

House of Firesign Theatre Take off your clothes and come on in!

"Oh yes, I had the same trouble with some of my multiple personality patients; one would always claim that the other one sent the check." Frasier Crane

Marx Brothers

Winsome Foursome Say, there's a million dollars hidden in the house next door...
Marx Brothers' Page The 4 Funniest Comics in the History of the Planet (well...5 if you count Gummo!)
Marx Out of Print Articles about the Marx Brothers from the vault of time.


This household is tagline happy. One of the things we really miss about the old offline readers is the wondrous things they could do with taglines. We still use Tagline Express to keep track of our taglines. Taglines Galore is the best site for taglines on the web. It has a searchable database and much other valuable tagline information.

Niles: "I've got to go, I have a session with my multiple personality patient." Frasier: "I hope I didn't keep you too long." Niles: "It's all right. If I'm late, he can talk amongst himselves." Frasier

Multiple Personality Silliness

No, this is not "humor for those living with MPD." Say, why don't you ever hear anyone say that "MPD (or DID) lives with me"?

My Mom Is Different Not Your Entertainment A member of the Flatlanders system takes on a well-known book about a dreaded disease.

The Sybil Drinking Game By lj-_frombeyond_ and lj-fadingtogrey with additions by Amorpha. This was especially designed for use with the Sybil film, but can be used with the book too.

The MPD/DID Movie Drinking Game Inspired by The United States of Tara, written by RhymersHouse, Amorpha, and the Fenners; this can be used with any book about the dreaded MPD/DID too.

The MPD/DID Site Name Generator Ever notice how a lot of MPD/DID sites seem to have almost the same names? Here's a sophisticated, hi-tech script version of Andy Temple's Celestial Menu for MPD/DID Sites. (Occasionally, you can actually get a good name out of this thing, too!) Have fun!

Our Take on Dissociative Identity Disorder as a "Not to Know Strategy" You asked for a review, and you got it!

DID Expert Wannabe Barbie Ever had a "friend" reveal unto you their ultimate wisdom of why you can't possibly be plural? Oh, thank you, Enigma System. You guys made our night.

Sniglet Bingo Ever been harrassed by a singlet who just cannot understand how or why you are multiple and it's not a disorder? Come and play Amorpha's cheery little game!

We also have Amorpha's Integration Evangelist Bingo for those who've had too many run-ins with "former" multiples. Like religion, integration is a group's own business -- it shouldn't be forced on anyone else.

The High Church of Multiplicity By Lemarath's System

The Answering Machine

Silly Titles for MP Books, and Sybil Jokes

"I wonder how many more people she has in there with her." Niles Crane after watching Daphne Moon engage in an argument with her Mom tape, Frasier

Other Silliness

Jay says: If you love Love & Capes as much as I do, you'll want to keep in tune with Thom Zahler's blog. If you don't know what Love & Capes is, click the panel and find out! I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks This is hysterical! Go here for funny features and toys to put on your web page.
The Butterfly Western By Andy, with CollegeVicki of Vicki(s)
Cat Haiku
While you're at it, click here to become enlightened.
Engrish Yes, you too can learn to speak Engrish in 30 days! Any resemblence between this and the translations that come out of central registry on Laura is purely ridiculous. See also The Zero Wing Intro!! and here's a lovely take on Zero Wing from Azusa Kuraino. Read a Japanese student's essay about multiple personality.

The Evil Overlord Checklist Peter Anspach's original list of do's and don'ts for those who presume to rule the universe.

Don't miss the Star Trek/ Lightbulb Changing Parodies!

Tales for the l33T: Hamlet in HAXX0r code MOTHER OF GAWD I SIHT MY PANTS
Hatt Baby Is it Arabic? Swedish? Who knows! Who cares! YOU figure it out! Shockwave is needed for this one.
The Millennium Bug The problems that really happened... you just didn't notice.
The Revelation of Alice Lewis Carroll and The Rev. Charles L. Dodgson --integrated at last?? Or is that Gabe meets Andy? This was probably written with the Babble generator -- get yours today!
Jesus Loves Amy Are you saved? Or are you one of those atheist's who believes what Richard Dawkins says? Find out and join Amy's prayer list!
SpamRadio This is one of the most inventive things we've come across for some time. It's an MP3 audio stream that sets spam to music. Do Negativland know about this?

Special High Intensity Training A piece of ancient office humor we can't resist.

Funny Programs

Babble Possibly the most important program in the universe. Babble takes straight Ascii text files and combines them in mysterious ways. The results are truly profound. Highly recommended.
MegaHAL A conversation simulator that is probably the second most important program in the universe.
A surrealist sentence generator
A surrealist generator sticker for your webpage.
One of our readers recently signed the guestbook and said she'd like to see a picture of a cute Pekingese. This is the cutest Pekingese we could find. He is West Bay's The Boss Is Back, known familiarly as Boss Man. He comes from the West Bay Pekingese website. Go there to see lots of pictures of very cute Pekingese dogs!
The above is brought to you by Celia and Sylvia of astraea household, two old ladies who like those li'l yap yaps too! :)

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"Well, this has been kind of fun, but I must really run. I'm conducting a seminar for multiple personalities, and it takes me forever to fill out the name tags." Niles Crane on Frasier

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