Silly MP Book Titles & Sybil Jokes

This came out of and was written by someone in a multiple household :)

Some books from the "selves help section", and some biographies.
        Dressing for the twilight zone
        The lion the w*tch and my wardrobe
        entertainment guide to steven hawkings universe(club 4d edition)
             The many lives of dobie gillis
             Tom swift - high pries*ess of S*t*n
             The three faces of marie curie
             the zen of multiplicity
                    Practical Magic by an impractical scientist
                    The book of looks -fashion for multiples
                    Your inner elementary school
                    guide to incarnating yourself
                    I seem to be a fractal

            now its your turn asd.

   I have a huge collection of sybil jokes.... Someone here at asd
requested a few. 
              Whats sybils favorite part of the bookstore?
                        selves help

             Whats  sybils voicemail reply?
                 we are not in right now. Press one to leave a message for
sybil, two to leave a message for peggy, three to leave a message for
vicky (speak in french) 

             whats sybils dogs name?
             fido and fluffy and rover and bluebird (not everyone knows
its a dog). 
         whats sybils favorite song
                  we will never walk alone

          whats sybils favorite calculus method
                   integration by parts

         whats sybils motto
              i did it our way

   Now , its your turn asd.

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