A typical Western, made up entirely out of actual names of butterflies.
Believe it or not, it was Andy who was responsible for this, and not

Nevada Buck: that's an outlaw.
Mournful Dusky-wing: that's an Indian.
Pearl Crescent. That's the lady that runs the saloon.
Dreamy Dusky-Wing. There's another Indian.
Solitary Oak Leaf Miner. Played by Gabby Hayes.
Rusty Tussock. That's one of the good guys that gets after Nevada Buck.

Sweetpotato Hornworm: played by Walter Brennan. An old drunk guy with many
stories. Listen to him and you will learn much. 

West Coast Lady (sometimes known as Wildcherry Sphinx): A rich lady,
probably played by Mae West, who comes in with all the glamour and charm
of the big city and tries to buy up the the whole town for the evil

Wooly Bear: another Indian.

Widow Underwing: runs the boarding house and keeps trying to get
Sweetpotato to swear off drink and marry her. 

Tiny Nymph Underwing: her daughter, a charming little girl who takes
dancing lessons and wants to run off with Wildcherry to the big city and
become a big star. 

Galium Sphinx: the town intellectual.  Answers every question with another
question. A folklorist, he takes Sweetpotato very seriously and sits
around with him in the saloon, listening carefully to the old duffer's
many stories. 

Cynthia Moth: A singer in the saloon. Has her eye on Galium, and doesn't
realize that he knows it and is looking at her, too. Sings torch songs in
a husky contralto voice, aimed right at him. 

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