Astraea's Infamous Add-On Story Archive

The current add-on story is.. here!

The add-on stories are contributed to by anyone who wants to. Just jump right in, be totally insane or try to set up an intricate plot.

Transdimensional Gender-Bender Beer Frogs And what else would we be starting this off with?

A Halloween Story The Rerun of Ondo Vlacek!

The Adventures of Colon Rots A would-be rescuer of multiples falls for the dark snide of the FARCE...

Skip Tracy A more than usually disorganized tale of reporters and sex.

Two Cute Cats Is this tale all washed up?

The Rerun of Colon Rots This one hangs together pretty well! Rots finds himself in the grip of the Illuminati, who are not exactly who they turn out to be. Astral projection in heavy traffic, transgenderbending, fiendish machines and lotsa booze!

The Future Adventures of Colon Rots Accepting his client Sherry and her many selves, Dr. Rots travels with them to a floating tropical island, inside a giant whale, and even explores the far-off reaches of the universe, before learning an important truth about himself.

The Rumors Behind The News Yet another Superman add-on, this one a little weirder than usual, starring Pinky the goat, Lex's latest plan to take over the world, and... a talking roll of toilet paper?

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