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"Let us tell you our truth. Single people are too busy telling multiples what their experience is, and not LISTENING."
- Daimon of the Anachronic Army

Astraea: Guest Articles

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Ameturasu: Dissection of Psychology Today Article on Multiplicity As reprinted in the esteemed blog Altered Reality, this deconstructs a 2008 article with all the usual misunderstandings, half truths and mind rot.


Amorpha: The Glamorous Life In which Azusa gets into our book store and discovers that flying toasters are much more glamorous than layoffs and dustballs.

Amorpha: Social Trends and the Multiple Community By Azusa and Ruka. Have you ever felt like the odd one out in a plural community because you seemed to be the only system who didn't have any members into BDSM, didn't self-harm, or didn't have an eating disorder? You're not as 'weird' as you may think you are.

Amorpha: Taking Advantage Of Our Good Will By Azusa of Amorpha. A few caveats for singlets who write to us looking for 'information for a novel they're writing,' or anything along those lines.

Anachronic Army

2-4-6-8, we will never integrate!! By The Artist. Communication, rather than integration, is the answer. Don't let misguided professionals or well-meaning relatives convince you that multiplicity is and must always be a disorder.

Coffee, telepathy and time travel By Listot. Communication in terms of telepathy is not as difficult as it sounds. Actually, it's one of the easiest things in the world.

Black Sunflower Collection^Mary: Being Accepted as a Christian Multiple By Mary of Black Sunflower Collection. Apparently Christianity -- even the genuine article -- is getting negative reactions from plurals in online communities.

CrystalSeraph: Multiple Personality and the Occult A thoughtful essay on occult studies, multiple personality and society's perceptions. By CrystalSeraph of the Seraphim Collective.

Early Articles and Audio Streams From the 1970s to the early 90s, newspaper and magazine articles and a few tapes of television interviews, concerning multiplicity and the way it was viewed at that time. Some of this stuff is pretty quaint.

Hondas: Social Acceptance of Plurality and Coming Out By members of the Hondas system.

House of the Moon: Integration - Not For Natural Multiples By members of House of the Moon. Multiplicity which originated naturally does not require integration. And even that which came about through trauma and splitting can evolve into a healthy, well-ordered group.

Jack: "If I'm multiple, I'll HAVE to go on disability..."??? This is for you. Guest Editorial by Jack.

Jenn Paradise: D.I.D. You See Us Fly? If multiplicity is (at least for some) a response to abuse, what business do authoritarian doctors have telling trauma multiples that they have a disorder and must integrate and be "ONE" person?

"Our existence frightens those who have subsumed their own multiplicities. Those operating under guises of science, of "knowledge," of assumed identities striated in safe and regulated professional spaces. Their dis/ease is visited on us when they intern THE BODY in controlled spaces (hospitals, psychiatrist's offices); attempting to territorialize from the outside in."

Jinkies: Why Being Multiple Is Like The West Wing By members of Jinkies system.

Firewheel Vortex

The Sanity Clause: or, Are These Nuts Safe to Play With? A look at multiples in the world of BDSM. By Bob King of Firewheel Collective.

Coming Out as Multiple By Bob King of Firewheel Collective. From a DID Classic, trauma-split-dissociation perspective, this is addressed to singlets who have had friends or family members come out to them.

The Internal Landscape By Bob King. If you don't have a world of your own, is it possible to create one?

Sara Lambert: On Being The Proper Multiple Even if you actually have the psychiatric MPD condition, it is completely unnecessary to behave like Sybil in order to be believed. Please don't use the film as a role model, and please do read this article if you have or think you have MPD.

Lemarath: How Can We Change The View? By Shandra of Lemarath. It's not just a matter of getting the media to cooperate -- we multiples ourselves have to make an effort to set a good example.

Kim Mclendon

Is Multiple Personality a Disorder or a Gift?
Benefits & Liabilities of Multiplicity
Myths About Multiplicity
Multiplicity Romance and Gender
Quiz: Are You a Multiple? Better than that lame Dissociative Experiences Scale, anyhow...

Titania Miyamoto: Some Thoughts on Verbiage Titania Miyamoto explores the limits of the current vocabulary used to describe the multiple experience.

Netdancer: States of Mind Individuality of persons in multiple systems, and explain "inner worlds" for those who can't comprehend what it really means to have one. "It is terribly painful and invalidating to be told that you are not a real person, or to see by the actions of others that they just cannot grasp the fact that each individual is a different person."

Pandora: Activism Suggestions for Multiples By Gaspard. Talks about what you can do, whether you're in or out of the plural-closet, to create support and visibility.

Cliff Pervocracy: Multiplicity and the feeling of opening your mind Questioning what your psych prof told you about this rare and crippling disease which doesn't really exist.

Phoenix: Our History by FAX of Phoenix Household.

Phoenix: The Strangeness of Here By Diana of the Ma'Harrat, of Phoenix household.

"This is political, it's more than one person/system's experience and more than one person/system's opinion, it represents a movement for re-educating the public, it isn't made to "inspire" readers in the sense of making them feel good about themselves, but in the sense of getting them to think and to take action." - Echosnspectres
Rhymers' House Collective

We Won't Go Away By Kenzi and Jess of Rhymers' House.

The Illusion of the Proper Plural By Rhymers^Traye. There are many different ways to be multiple, and they are all valid.

The Trouble with Sybil By Rhymers^Harry. "Plurals read this shit, and think that this is a good representation of how all multiples have to act when it just isn't."


We Do Not Have Multiple Personality Disorder See also Those That Walk, their website. "The underlying belief was that to be accepted as multiple there was one way of behaving, the right way to be multiple and we had to do that. we chose to ignore all we were and replace that with what the books said we should be, at any cost."

What is Natural Multiplicity? Is it possible to suffer severe child sexual abuse and be a natural multiple? The people of Idia believe so.

Spartacus World Times: Healthy multiplicity: a look at a different way of being Lengthy article in the Spartacus World Times, interviewing many groups who experience multiplicity as a way of perceiving and being in the world, not as a mental disease.

System of Anonyminity: F?*% Integration! A Special Comment, a strong and righteous rant. Adult Language, obviously! Best viewed with Purisa Font.

Truddi Chase (& The Troops) died March 10, 2010.
Click here to read their obituary and sign their memorial guestbook.

Lynn& Wasnak 1945-2013

Trauma recovery & DID resource info - click here

Who decides who is "crazy"? Read about mental health professionals calling for major reforms to the DSM-5.

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