2-4-6-8, we will never integrate!!

by The Artist, of The Anachronic Army

At present, the Army are receiving emails at wholenewuniverse@gmail.com.

For twenty years, our system has discussed at length whether or not it is appropriate for households to remain as they are.

We are advocates of empowered multiplicity. We believe that there is more to be gained from standing together as a collective than to each man be an island. We are a multiverse when we stand together.

In the past, we have faced pressures from the so-called Outside World to integrate ourselves and do more than merely present as singletype. Our own family pressured us to keep our multiplicity a secret out of shame of them being perceived as inadequate parents, siblings, support networks. They did everything they could to hide our plurality out of fears that we would be judged for it.

The multiple closet is real. It is full of misperceptions and misunderstandings from the outside looking in as well as the inside looking out. From the outside, many might judge the entity to be just that -- one. One "becoming" other people within itself, or at least "convincing" itself that this is what is happening.

From the inside, there is a constant peanut gallery of discussion surrounding every Outside world comment. Imagine ground control in Houston for NASA during a mission to space. It feels very much like that, but with more coffee.

Let's cut to the chase. Many people have this notion that multiples should integrate into one as the major goal of therapy. There is an expectation that the many will become one and that this will allow the Outsiders to pronounce "them" to be a he or a she at long last rather than a "they".

The biggest reason for this goal is the very real problem of time loss that goes along with sharing a body. Time loss happens if people are not sharing the same mind. If people do not communicate clearly thoughts and emotions to one another in the same head, they do not share the same life. Honest and yet very huge mistakes can be made in the Outside world due to unshared data within a household.

We of the Anachronic Army accidentally discovered the solution through a combination of telepathy and time travel. (It does seem that the two are very much connected. One does not get an experience of manipulating timelines and seeing into the strands of the great cosmic Flying Spaghetti Monster without the Abyss looking backwards into them also.)

When our system accidentally discovered telepathy, it immediately overrode the need to integrate. This allowed us to share information across our thousands without gaps.

This gives us a completely different presence at the front from that of integrated, singular post-multiples. We layer many levels of meaning into every written word we say. There are volumes in each curl of a smile on our collective face because an army stands behind it. Literally.

We feel that if we can find ways to teach telepathy to plural households, this will give them an edge above both singletypes and plurals who do not use this level of communication. We are going to delve back into the use of written words on the topic of multiplicity again here and elsewhere after decades of silence (....HAHAHAHAHA) in efforts to impart this skillset to any who want it. We will also be available for questions on time travel, which we are also finding to be of immense value. We are aware of the tricky mindfuckery that will be associated with timelines and the concept of false memories if more and more multiples engage in time travel.

The Artist

of the Anachronic Army

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