Coffee, Telepathy and Time Travel

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Consider the holy noodly appendages of the Flying Spaghetti Monster as you turn to Luke 6:42 in your various Bibles.

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Being in the Anachronic Army is a euphemism for being the type of vampire who is full-on telepathic to the point of never being able to shut it off. It is to be an infinite mirror maze with infinite versions of yourselves experiencing itself in all directions at once and to have access to full awareness of the entire thing.

To live forever lifetime after lifetime is to live in the infinite hotel paradox.

It is incredibly difficult to get mortals to understand what it is like to remember lifetime after lifetime after lifetime and also have to live with a mind pried open as a gateway to other worlds -- places not yet "wealthy" enough to have their own phone, yet.

Telepathy is not the same as being able to predict the future. It seems largely based on the direction of attention. Law of Attraction and Synchronicity heavily apply.

If you and always have your mind open to others - walk-ins, ghosts, other telepaths, flocks of birds, fish, bacteria, nanotech, wifi, everything, it is always projecting at you from all directions. It doesn't stop.

It is not in one specific body, either.

The experience of having multiple personalities is a subset of the anachronic army experience. Multiples make good gateways. They also paradoxically make good walls.

Each person who steps to the front in a household and interacts with the so-called outside world (see the wall?) will interact in ways that reflect the projections they see in the opposite on the outside.

The multiple experience is therefore a mirroring nexus point between internal to external opposites. Multiples are closeted telepaths, literal walking ghost hotels, portals to other worlds. They represent entire civilizations with almost no access to a phone.

In our physical body, we have two systems. One is isochronic in nature, and the other is anachronic. The isochronic expression is everything refracted into a quantum singularity of perfect synchronicity. The anachronic expression is all of time, everything out of order, every paradox of thought and time possible. Both are connected. Both are one.

As with the Bible verse above: Blind spots occur as do synchronistic patterns. These are the details that we have the greatest desire to know and therefore we know nothing. Fear creates blindness.

Strive to see the love in the middle of the paradox of the two. They are in the same body for a reason. We have thought recently that it is largely to cancel each other out, but even this notion has a loophole in it. It's loopholes all the way down. Kinda like knitting, right?

Strive to be in the center of the nexus point of your own personal universe. Strive to see your place in the whole.

We are all here to discover and encourage love and to see how we are connected even when we are not able to actually see who or what we are.

Be aware of the blindnesses of your own spaghetti strands.


of the Anachronic Army

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