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Truddi Chase (& The Troops) died March 10, 2010.
Click here to read their obituary and sign their memorial guestbook.

Before you decide that we unquestioningly believe
in all recovered memory therapy, click here.

Discrediting the
False Memory Syndrome Foundation

Taking advantage of recent scandals in psychiatry and controversies in research on recovered memories, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have come to be the CSICOP of abuse survivorship -- a society of would-be skeptics which rudely pokes fun at sexual abuse survivors' stories. They also dismiss out of hand the notion that multiple personality can possibly exist, either as an outcome of child abuse or otherwise (one of their founding fathers is Dr. Paul McHugh, who also thinks homosexuality can be cured and that transgender people are delusional). Another of their eminent founders is psychologist and minister (!) Ralph Underwager. (Prepare to get mad if you go to that link and read what he says.)

Our view is that repressed memory and recovered memory are real, but have been misunderstood and grossly misapplied in the abuse recovery movement, with unfortunate, sometimes tragic results. The FMSF are taking advantage of this to further their own agenda. It's a can of worms. Here are some links to scholarly research disproving the claims of the FMSF.

Basic Facts Regarding the False Memory Controversy From the Zentactics website of resources for survivors.

U-Turn on Memory Lane Background information on the FMSF, how it got started, who they are.

Title: The Assault on Truth : Freud's Suppression
of the Seduction Theory
Author: Jeffrey Masson
Publisher: Pocket
ISBN: 0671025716

This is the book on the subject. Some of it will look very familiar to you if you've been abused in any way and then attempted to TELL only to be accused of false memory syndrome.

Title: Betrayal Trauma:
The Logic of Forgetting Child Abuse
Author: Jennifer Freyd
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674068068

Jennifer Freyd, the woman whose genuine recovered memories of childhood sexual harrassment inspired her parents to create the False Memory Syndrome Foundation to cover up their guilt, presents a very rational discussion of why some people suppress memories of trauma.

Title: For Your Own Good:
Hidden Brutality in Child-Rearing,
and the Roots of Violence
Author: Dr. Alice Miller
Publisher: Noonday
ISBN: 0374522693

If you think you were never abused, read this book. Most people do suffer some form of physical, emotional or intellectual brutality in childhood. People who are acknowledged by society to have been abused tell horrific battle stories. Those of us who were "merely" slapped, spanked, and bullied as children are thus inclined to overlook our experiences as trivial. Most child abuse goes under the sobriquet of parental discipline. It affects our thoughts and feelings in later life, often in subtle ways we don't even notice. "It made me stronger" often simply means "it made me numb". This is not a whiny book, nor is it a Bradshaw feel-good hugfest. Child abuse exists and chances are you've been through it. Don't revisit it on your kids. And the next time someone says "You think you had it tough" and starts talking about some publicized extreme case, show them this book.

This book is now available in its entirety on line. Click here to read For Your Own Good in free e-text.

Husayn al-Kurdi, Messing With Our Minds From Toward Freedom. Blowing the lid off the FMSF, who they really are and what they want. We are sorry about the Pendergrast article at this link; they changed the address on al-Kurdi's article so that people clicking on that link would get a FMSF-sympathetic article instead. Fixed.

Canadian Psychiatric Association's Position on Recovered Memories of Child Sexual Abuse

Lynn Crook, Smoke and Mirrors A detailed dissection of the Frontline documentary Search for Satan. Points out manipulative editing and factual errors. NEW LINK. This works. This article is now hosted by us. See also The Search for Satan, 14 Years Later.

Dick Farley: False Memory Spin-drome Foundation Research by a journalist, discrediting the FMSF and the 1995 "Search for Satan" Frontline documentary.

False Memory Syndrome FACTS Accounts of scientific, legal and clinical documentation, media reviews, and support links. All designed to discredit the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and get the truth out. If you've had actual recovered memories and no one believes you, check this site out. Supported by Wounded Healer which is a really great site.

Jim Hopper, Recovered Memories of Sexual Abuse: Scientific Research & Scholarly Resources A text on the reality of repressed memories. Includes a piece by Dr. Ken Pope debunking the FMSF's claims. Extremely valuable!

Dr. Charlie Legg, Memory. Explains actual psychological research on memory. Studies the biology of memory, focusing on people with memory loss due to brain surgery and what this tells us about how memory works.

Elizabeth Loftus has had some ethics complaints filed against her.

Patience Mason, False Memory Syndrome vs. Lying Perpetrator Syndrome: The Big Lie Has been recommended to us, something that people have found extremely helpful in trying to sort out the facts.

Dr. Ken Pope, Open Letters to the APA discrediting the FMS Foundation. Dr. Ken Pope is still online with his accessible, disability-friendly psychology resource page, He resigned from the American Psychological Association in 2008 as a matter of conscience. He also has a page for help with companion animals including assistance animals, and a section for disability issues of all kinds. Please support Dr. Pope's resource site!

The Recovered Memory Project & Archive Scholarly research on documented cases of verified recovered memory. Originally gathered to discredit Ofra Bikel's PBS Frontline documentary, Divided Memories. If you're worried about whether ANY recovered memories can possibly be true, check out this site. Note U-Turn on Memory Lane, the text giving background information on FMSF founders and pointing out sloppy research in Bikel's work. Click here for more about Divided Memories.

The Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Inter-Personal Violence: Research of the Effect of Trauma on Memory

Can You Remember Something That Never Happened? Paul Turner exposes the faulty reasoning of so-called false-memory experts.

The Myth of False Memories By Paul Turner with Titania Miyamoto; their most recent research paper exploring current studies in memory and the plausibility of recovered memories.

A Usenet Text on False Memories vs. "FMS" We have no idea who wrote this.

Discrediting "False Memory Syndrome" Veritas Programming provided information, including Dr. Ken Pope's famous letters, in an attempt to set the record straight on so-called "false memory syndrome." Many abuse survivors are not getting the help they need because they're afraid no one believes them.

Virginia Wood's Speech discrediting the FMS Foundation and revealing its proponents for what they are.

Both sides of the "False Accusation" coin Written March 14, 1995, by Scott Barak Abraham who was sexually abused by his mother, tried to get justice only to find that there's no place in the system for male survivors. (FIXED!!!)

If you have facts, figures, information which will serve to discredit the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, please let us know!

Memory: Questions and controversy.

Title: Rewriting the Soul:
Multiple Personality and the Science of Memory
Author: Ian Hacking
Publisher: Princeton University Press 1995 (reprint)
ISBN: 069105908X

This controversial book explores multiple personalities as an aspect of changing scientific and religious views about memory. These views were almost immediately politicised when rationalist science tried to replace belief in an immortal soul with belief in memory. Many who feel that multiplicity is a dissociative disorder arising from buried trauma think of Hacking as someone who denies their truth. This may have been, at least in part, a case of timing (note publication date). Since the book was not a support guide to hope and healing for courageous survivors, it was guaranteed to draw flak.

It seems that it was the very fact of Hacking's neutrality, refusing to verify the literal truth of recovered memories and daring to explore the history of what people believed about what we now think of as multiplicity, which led to this misunderstanding. The book is very subtly written, and he is careful to state many times that he wishes not to draw any conclusion.

Your Memories Are Not False: The Case Against "False Memory Syndrome" By Barbara Stannard.

Social Reconstruction of Memories By Nicholas Spanos, et al. (remember, in order to debate intelligently the reality of abuse and multiple personality with those who don't believe that either exists, it is necessary to be adequately informed about the opposing viewpoint. This is true whether or not you think abuse has anything to do with multiple personality.)

Astraea's Bad Psychiatry Resources What if you have been victimized by the recovered memory movement? Some hard facts about the misuse of recovered memory therapy. See also Stop Bad Therapy.

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Searching for stuff you want here helps us too! Your purchases through our affiliate really make a difference.

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