Would you write a note to the FDA to help the laying hens?

   Letters are needed to urge the FDA to ban forced molting, which
   means they starve hens for twelve days, and when they start to
   feed them again many hens are so starved that they choke to death
   trying to bolt the food.  Those who survive have weakened immune
   systems so that disease takes over and that's how salmonella gets
   transmitted to humans who eat the eggs.  It's bad enough already
   that chickens in cages are denied exercise so that their bones
   snap and even puncture their hearts...but forced molting in addition
   to cages is horrible.

   All you have to say is:  "I urge you to make the decision to
   ban forced molting of hens.  It facilitates the spread of dangerous
   disease such as Salmonella infection which infects humans.  Please
   grant the Petition to Ban Forced Molting: Docket#98P-0203/CP."

   Just say that.  Don't  say anything about the cruelty.  You could,
   but it might be more effective just to seem concerned about humans.
   Be sure to include the docket number!

   The place to send your note:
               Dockets Management Branch
               Food & Drug Administration
               Department of Health & Human Services
               12420 Parklawn Drive, Room 1-23
               Rockville, Maryland 20857

   For the salutation, write "Dear FDA:"

   Write or print it ASAP, I will mail it for you.  And if you know
   anyone else who would write to the FDA, PLEASE tell them to do so

   PS The European Parliament has voted to ban Battery Cages.  It has
      to be ratified by each country...but can mean relief at last for
      millions of birds after Jan. 1, 2009.  Long time to wait, but at
      least it has been recognized that it must be done.  That's more
      than our own "humanitarian" country has done.

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