The first thing to keep in mind if you read the "Housemate Horror" or "Housemate from Hell" tale known as "The Sarah Saga", a series of Livejournal posts (subsequently reposted and discussed on Something Awful) about an unbalanced "fictionkin" 1 woman with a "soulbonding religion", is that IT DID NOT HAPPEN. According to a long-time friend of "Sarah" who knew her for many years before this was alleged to have happened, the "Sarah Saga" has no basis in fact whatsoever.

  • The house described in the story never existed. If it had, the rent would have been ridiculously underpriced, especially for that area of Southern California.
  • The woman identified as "Sarah" did not move to California until 2008 when she took a job at a programming company. She lived in an apartment.
  • The following year, she moved to a different apartment closer to her work. By that time she had a male friend living in a different apartment in the same complex. They did not live together. She had another friend living with her for a while in her apartment.
  • The writer of the "Sarah Saga" knew nothing about California law on tenants renting rooms in a single family house. Readers familiar with these laws began calling him out on his outlandish nonsense, especially about the landlord retaining a lawyer for a "screening process" and "background checks" of prospective tenants. Had "Sarah" undergone such a check, numerous facts would have come out at that time which the writer purported to have only discovered later.
In short,

The author of "The Sarah Saga" was a man whose Livejournal handle was dragontigerclaw. He also had numerous sockpuppet accounts which he used to cheer himself on and request -- and even write -- subsequent chapters.

Even more horrific -- after the writer was called out for his lies and use of sockpuppets to create new episodes, and after it had been verified that "Sarah" was an actual human being whose reputation was being destroyed, people were still requesting chapters to the "Sarah Saga" because "it's funny." The only sociopathic liar in this whole episode is the "Sarah Saga" author himself, who said "go ahead and make a movie script from it if you want."

If you have any questions about soulbonding or a purported "soulbonding religion", otherkin, otakukin, multiples or vegetarianism, you can write to us.

"Fictionkin" is a person who identifies with a fictional character. They may view fictional depictions as (often flawed) reflections of a reality outside the text. There is no such thing as a "soulbonding religion" although culture-based religions -- based on faiths described in fictional narratives -- do exist. The act of identifying and modeling oneself on fictional characters is ancient and did not start on the internet. At the time this supposedly took place, the word "otakukin" was used. Again, these are subjective experiences and I'm not questioning their validity in that context. - Back

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