Why We Fight

Anthony Temple, Astraea

Written in response to someone who called us the "foremost authority" on multiplicity, which we are not and cannot be.

The only reason Iris, Jade, and I got up to all this ruction about plurality was that in the eighties when we found out about ourselves, we went and read everything we could get our hands on and it was all, as you've pointed out, by psychiatrists (who were all singlets and virtually all men), very little by the multiples themselves, and it was all in therapy-speak and often hostile towards clients, disparaging them as (perceived, or physical, at least) women, and deciding their reality for them.

I detest institutions that permit reality only to a chosen few.

This is why When Rabbit Howls had been such a revelation to us. We thought every multiple should have such a chance to tell their own stories, including those like ourselves who had never been on the couch. We don't want to be an authority. We want for every system to feel they and not some singlet -- no matter how well-intentioned -- are the authority on themselves.

Anthony Temple
Astraea group

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