A Statement from Billy Milligan

"To the psychiatric community, MPD/DID is a marketable commodity."

In December 1997, Danny DeVito arranged with Todd Graff to write a screenplay for a film called The Crowded Room, based on the life of Billy Milligan and reportedly starring Leonardo DiCaprio. As Billy Milligan did train DiCaprio among others in the proper enactment of classical, Wilburian multiple-personality behavior (as he describes below) the idea that DiCaprio might play Billy is not as farfetched as it first appeared to us. This is the latest information we have on Billy Milligan at this time. Daniel Keyes has some more up-to-date information on Billy Milligan. You can buy "The Minds of Billy Milligan" Right Now through amazon.com

Billy Milligan gave this statement in a telephone interview with Astraea household in the fall of 1996. We have not heard from him since then, and invite him to contact us for updates any time. Here is what he said:

*** I just did a thing for the Japanese and I read something and I can't remember, but I probably ordered one of my guides to put it on the net. We have a super computer. We flag important things, such as "MPD, DID," we flag "government agencies," and that's how I found your booklist.

Nippon Television considered me one of the most informed experts because I've lived with MP with 40 years; also the doctor who did the biofeedback tests; Dr. Tomin, she's in Los Angeles somewhere. She and her husband developed a machine that is the most amazing mind reader you've ever seen.

Basically I've been approached. But I don't do talk shows, I've been asked to be on Donahue and everything else. My books are "Minds of Billy Milligan" and "The Milligan Wars." This was published in Japan. Both sold 3 million copies each.

This was twenty years ago for me. This is, I see this crap come on tv all the time. These doctors are making it happen, or creating these people. I'm not saying I was anything special, but there's millions less people than we are told. There's probably two or three hundred in the whole US. I see these people switch back and forth on TV like there's nothing to it. And that just isn't possible. Why would anyone want to go on TV and lose control?

I've read all these books, and doctors saying they're treating hundreds of MP cases, and they're MAKING them, because they don't have anything else to do with their time, and you know psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate among professionals.

Imagine yourself standing in front of a sink. You're getting a glass of water. And the whole world around you instantaneously changes, and now you're in a park acting like you're getting a glass of water. Out of thin air. And you just lost that time. That's what it's really like. And basically to me, I'm sick and tired of the phonies, the freak shows and the phonies, because what they're doing is not only damaging the people that they're making role play these games, they're damaging the people who are desperate for help.

That is what I will go on. That's what I told the Japanese. 30 million people watch Sunday Plus 30 and I've been getting an enormous response.

I haven't published "The Milligan Wars" in the US because I'm being sued over the information that is in it. The state of Ohio Dept. of Mental Health makes too much money over MP. I've caught them, graft, everything. They're taking DID patients and give them shock treatment and everything, and they get paid for that.

When I downloaded the Ohio State Dept. of Mental Health computers, and checked their personnel and hospital records, and forensic center records, I'd find things like that they charged $11.80 for a hard boiled egg and cup of milk.

In my book, 90% of all psychiatrists are phoneys. They're just snake oil salesmen. They just bill Medicare and Medicaid an enormous amount of money and then talk you into coming in and crying on their shoulder. And then drug you up.

I'm trying to make a film based on The Milligan Wars. Minds of Billy Milligan explained what it was. The Milligan Wars is the fighting of these doctors over the situation. They'll keep you as long as they can. They convince your children that they have it.

To the psychiatric community, MPD/DID is a marketable commodity.

They've actually opened hospitals entirely devoted to it. They keep their game going until their insurance runs out. There's one called Del Almo, up here in Los Angeles, and it's one of the worst. I was in Del Almo myself for about a day and a half, until the federal marshals came and dragged me out.

My thing is educating people. I just did this thing for Nippon TV that if you want to you can contact 3.1 Productions in Hollywood, and Warner Brothers. Ask them "What's going on with the "Milligan Story," Because they've actually tried to quash this, because the doctors and hospitals don't want this shit out in the open, cause it'll ruin a lot of their freak shows. They didn't put it in the DSM-III until I came along, 20 years ago. Now, I'm being sued for trying to stop them. Everybody's suing everyone, trying to stop it, cause they don't want anyone stopping their freak show.

I've trained actors to play this role; Johnny Depp, Christian Slater, John Cusack, and Leonardo diCaprio, to enact MP as it really is and not as it is popularly seen. The people that go on those shows are merely conditioned actors. It's like Chris Sizemore. It's what she is now, is a trained actor. It's really depressing.

I own a production company now, called Stormy Life Productions. We're going to make a short film. We're more than willing to work with groups who want to put something up on the air. We're ready to go on television with facts and figures.

I actually talked to a young lady who recanted her statement. The social workers actually talked her into saying her father molested her. They took her out of her home. She went to school and talked another girl into saying the same thing, because they'll buy you jeans and sneakers and all kinds of stuff! And in six months she's really missing her family. Her father was in jail and everything, and then she came forward. This is what our psychiatric social workers and psychiatric community will actually do. They are dangerous to the mental health and well-being of our entire society.

Basically I hope that people who are humane and caring people will help us join this resistance. I want a movement started. I want the freak show stopped. It's doing more damage than it is good.

Billy Milligan
21 October 1996


This is the only other information we have on Bill Milligan's activities for the last several years. According to Bill's conversation with us, his household did NOT permanently integrate, as reported in this article. They are capable of integrating at will, but find this reduces their mental and physical capacities: "the whole is less than the sum of the parts."

Multiple-Personality Figure Allegedly Threatens Judge in San Diego

June 25, 1996

SAN DIEGO (AP) - An Ohio man found innocent of rape in 1978 after claiming he had multiple personalities has been jailed in California for allegedly threatening a judge.

Billy Milligan, who is awaiting a psychiatric evaluation, also has been found incompetent to manage his own affairs, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported today.

Milligan, who moved to California from Columbus several years ago, was being held without bail in the federal Metropolitan Corrections Center on criminal contempt charges.

Milligan's court-appointed attorney, Gretchen von Helms, said Milligan allegedly referred to strapping explosives to his chest to get attention. He also allegedly talked about banging on a judge's door and robbing a bank, the newspaper said.

Ohio officials remain interested in Milligan because they want to tap into royalties from a book deal to help pay part of the $453,000 bill for his 11-year stay in state mental hospitals.

Ohio Attorney General Betty Montgomery, acting through special counsel Larry Branch, a San Diego attorney, is seeking $150,000 from the proceeds of foreign sales of "The Minds of Billy Milligan," a book Milligan wrote with Daniel Keyes. The book did not sell well in the United States but did well in Japan, The Dispatch said.

A movie about Milligan's case also is in the works.

Once Ohio officials tried to claim his assets, his troubles returned, Milligan told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

"Everybody's gotten a piece of me, but I didn't get anything," Milligan told the newspaper. "Now they're all trying to make me sick again so they can take away my money."

Milligan was found innocent by reason of insanity on charges that he kidnapped, raped and robbed three women in the Ohio State University area.

He was released in 1988 after spending a decade in mental hospitals. Psychiatrists said Milligan's 24 personalities had merged into one and that he no longer posed a threat to himself or the community.

The state says Milligan owes $303,000 for hospital stays and $150,000 in interest on the debt, bringing the total to $453,000. He has paid $9,000 of that amount.

Billy Milligan Has Paintings For Sale

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Click here to buy copies of "Minds of Billy Milligan"

As of April 13, 2010: Billy (himself) says he is arranging to self-publish The Milligan Wars (link to Japanese edition) in English online as a free e-book. When it goes up we'll let you know.

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