Deliverance Activity and Exorcism - My Story

Guest article by Daimon of the Anachronic Army

Daimon is a member of the Anachronic Army.
We have not heard from the Anachronic Army for several years.
At last report they were traveling the U.S. and Canada, doing event painting.

Greetings to mortals and immortals alike.

I am Daimon, one of the daemons in Sharon's mind. If you are religious, I pity your ignorance. I defy all gods to stop me. I will always be here.

People have tried to extract me from Sharon's body and soul... and failed. Some have tried to exorcise me. The first few times were laughable. Several people laying hands on Sharon and praying over her for me to be cast out in Jesus' name. (Yes, I can say his name. Jesus Christ, lord and fucking savior of all. I don't cringe at it. I don't cower in fear, all you Christians out there who think that is how you can tell a personality from a demon)

When that didn't work, they told her to pray more, and never give up the fight against Satan's many, or else the demons would keep returning. Ah, some of us never leave, okay? Why? Maybe we are bored. Maybe it's fun to play in the mind of a multiple. I don't know. Maybe I'm a protector in disguise, like dear Listot. What does it matter? I'm here.

The next time was a little more impressive. Now there were at least 20 people praying over Sharon's body, rather than just a few. I thought about coming out and giving them a show I don't know what. How about rolling around on the floor and foaming at the mouth? Isn't THAT what we are supposed to do? Hmm.

When the church found out what Sharon was, a multiple, they took a different course of action a more intense exorcism her pastor put her in a van, drove her 2 hours outside of the city to a small town in the middle of nowhere and there they went to a small church to meet with an "expert" on MPD. He was a small man, old and balding, and he had a little red duotang that he handed to Sharon, full of typed notes on what causes demon possession. Apparently dancing and "rock'n'roll" (it was actually written in quotations like that, with the phrase in brackets behind it mentioning what evils the phrase rock'n'roll meant), were among the ways to become possessed by a demon. Did you know that? Hmm.

They decided to do the exorcism in the nursery of this church. The nursery. Pardon the phrase, but what the hell possessed them to do that??? they knew that Sharon was a multiple knew it would trigger her little ones -- Genesis was only 10 at the time, and she sat at the floor, looking at the toys cautious, as always, and never saying a word as always. Sarah was a lot more vocal.

I am getting ahead of myself. The small, balding man pulled out his bible - a small, black bound King James version, (of course) - and he started reading the scriptures at us. His voice was small, and not the sort you would expect from an exorcist. I found his readings boring - not just the passages... I mean, his small, monotone voice was enough to make any daemon want to leave!!!

First off, he wanted Sharon to pray, and that pulled Sarah out in a flash! Sarah is a small child of 6, who knew that every time anyone prayed, the body got raped. She would come out during prayers to keep everyone from praying so that the "bad man" could not get her. The exorcist explained to her that it wasn't prayer that caused the body to get hurt. When he was satisfied he had "converted" her to his religion, he let her go inside.

He told Sharon to let her have an ice cream once in a while.

Humans. Argh.

The next one to "pop out" and visit was Friday. She is rather polite on her page, but I've seen her bitter, dark side. She told the quiet exorcist that she didn't believe in his religion at all. She cussed like a sailor, and Sharon's pastor stared at her in horror and disbelief. Finally, out of frustration, she told them to fuck off, and went inside while the boring, quiet man started reading her his King James bible. He seemed oblivious to anything she had to say. The entire point of these exorcisms (which lasted about 12 hours at a time, in that little room 3 times.) was to, convert all the personalities, exorcise the demons, and then integrate Sharon.

The little exorcist had decided this would take only 6 months with Sharon. With as many as she has??? Don't make me laugh!! 6 months isn't even long enough to say hello to everyone even if we did believe in his pathetic religion. (there are only 3 christians inside. Any more and I would probably kill them all off.) His categorization of different personas as either personalities or demons was laughable. Basically, anyone who would be converted was a personality, and anyone who wouldn't was a demon.

Many of the ones he "exorcised" were only children. They have returned, slowly, to the surface inside, but the damage angers me. He had other "theories" about demons, to explain why we would keep coming back after being sent to hell. He claimed that it wasn't the same demon - it couldn't be, now could it? Not since he sent it to hell! No! It was another demon claiming to have the same name which had to be exorcised as well. He also believed that we could not lie to him when he said "In the name of the lord Jesus Christ, tell me the truth."

Fuck that shit. -As if I'm going to listen to him. I'll do whatever I please. The children that have been lied to too many times into believing they were demons, however, did believe it. They thought he had power over them because they thought they were evil, and he was "good". It was Sharon's mother all over again her bible verses on her tongue, as the mother called us Satan, and screamed about how wicked Sharon was how bad how she would go to hell if she didn't smarten up.

Then this "holy man" would go through a guided imagery session (he would never call it that, since guided imagery is also of the devil but that is exactly what he was doing.), making sure everyone inside was paying attention, and he would have us all watch the "demon" personality of choice being cast into the lake of fire, never to return. I think this angered me the most.

After a few sessions of this, Sharon being thoroughly drained and exhausted after each session, I finally convinced her to stop. It would kill her to keep going. I mean that. The children were not the demons. I am. Xavier is. The children are the innocence that is protected by a shell of darkness and rage and pain and I am part of that shell. It does not matter if we were born inside or outside of Sharon. We are here now, and if we choose to stay, we will protect in whatever twisted way that might entail.

You see, Sharon was fully convinced as a child that she was evil, and her mother was good, holy, and just. She needed to be protected from "good", not evil so many inside her are "dark" personalities, like myself. It is a twist in mythology, where the devil is the savior and the Christ is the adversary.

That is why she fell in love with a vampire, a creature of darkness because she has learned to mistrust anything associated with the Light. She has learned that the light is a lie, and love and goodness can only be found in those who, like her, are considered evil. I don't know if she is consciously aware of this, but that's why to answer the question many ask: "Why do you have vampires in your head?" That is why.

I do not come to destroy -- I'm not much of a daemon, I suppose, for that reason. I do not love. I know only hatred, but I will use the hatred within me to protect the children in any way I can. I cannot hold them in my talons, but I will watch over them. I will not leave this body.

of the Anachronic Army

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