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"I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now? Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." - John Lennon

"Be the rain you remember falling." Neil Young

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Congress passes bill to help save Internet radio Congress has cleared the way for a potential agreement intended to save the emerging Internet radio market from a crippling hike in copyright royalty rates.

Music Links

What we listen to while we're working on the web page, etc.

Andy likes moody atmospheres, with Celtic elements laid on good and thick, and the occasional wild fling into hyperspace...
Big Hat | Deep Forest | Madonna | Dougie MacLean | Sarah MacLachlan | Loreena McKennitt
The Moon 7 Times | Motels | Red House Painters | Rose Chronicles | Slow Dive | Mazzy Star

Iris adores world music, particularly reggae. With Andy, she likes the gospel and blues singers of the 40s.
Natacha Atlas | Duke Ellington | Billie Holiday | Bob Marley | Bunny Wailer

While Jay still has his Cole Porter thing going... he's also a big fan of lounge music ... and, with jason and Gabriel, loves to sit back and rust out with Neil Young.

Neil Young's Myspace
Neil Young's Homepage

Gabriel is also a HUGE fan of the Troublesome Creek String Band -- has been from their earliest days, and now you can hear them too! (6 downloadable tracks on that website -- spread'em around) He also likes John Fogerty & Credence Clearwater Revival, and John Fahey. Mudcat Traditional Music is one of his favorite sites. (Wanna giggle? Get Gabe to say "mudcat".)

If there's one thing Gabriel and his sister Jessamine agree on, it's the Sacred Harp tradition. Shape-note hymn singing is still around and this site has more about the history and places where you can hear it today.
Web Directory for Sacred Harp Tradition
Singing Sacred Harp in Chicago
Click here for a brief sample of Sacred Harp Singing.
More samples from the Univ. of Chicago

Like that? Want more? Here's some low-rez audio streams linked to the records they came from. (Fixed! as of Thursday, March 09, 2006 10:37:20 AM)
Delight (No Burning Heat By Day)
Showers Of Blessings (With Songs And Honours)
These are from In Sweetest Union Join which is available for cheap download from
From "Rivers of Delight":
Sweet Prospect (On Jordan's Stormy Banks)
Northport (Jesus My All To Heaven Is Gone)
Parting Friends (Farewell My Friends I'm Bound For Canaan)

jason and jade cling to their hippie roots;
Judy Collins | Crosby, Stills & Nash | Donovan | John Lennon | Joni Mitchell | Melanie | Stevie Nicks

The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics Mrow?
Young at Heart Neil Young's family's genealogy website.

The Midnight Special The original (Since 1953) hour of folk & fire, blues & bluegrass, satire & solitude out of WFMT in Chicago, hosted by Rich Warren. Saturdays at 9 p.m. Chicago time. More here.

WFMT's audio stream is now free. Rich people can pay $40 a year to have access to their music archive.

Among today's sound, we favour Patti Smith, and Counting Crows, Jim White, Courtney Love and Hole, and the Babylonian Tiles.

Native American Traditional & Contemporary

Native American Public Telecommunications Empowering, Educating, and Entertaining through Native Media.
People's Paths Traditional and contemporary Native American Music.

NV1 American Indian Radio ... Native Voice One, the Native American Radio Service. Check out Undercurrents, which has replaced Native Sounds, Native Voices.

NV1 MP3 stream

John Trudell Dangerous visions.

Woo-Woo Section: Space out with the Hearts of Space collection
Did you miss Hearts of Space this week? Check out Hearts of Space Archive Editions.. ALL the space shows, over 900 hours' worth.
Bulgarian Voices' Angelite

Weird, Funny and Conceptual Moods:
Negativland | Yoko Ono

Negativland Pranks Clear Channel! Poetic justice on the airwaves!

For astraea's radio links, go here.

Political Issues: Downloading and Streaming

Downloading Issues

Why The RIAA Is Evil Gives the facts in pithy language, accompanied by many links supporting the view that downloading doesn't hurt anyone.. except the RIAA.

The Internet Debacle Think the RIAA and DMCA are trying to ban music downloads and make radio stations pay exorbitant extra costs for streaming audio because free music robs the artists? You have been lied to. Get the facts from this veteran musician.

The Plan to Shut Down Mp3 Downloads

Music Downloads Won't Go Away "When you're searching for a good, high-profile case as an example to scare off everyone else you don't pick a 12-year-old honors student from the projects -- Brianna LaHara of New York City -- and you don't bust into her room while she's doing her homework."

More on the RIAA's attempts to shut down file sharing

Streaming Audio Issues

Why did your favourite radio station stop offering a streaming audio netcast?
Because they can't afford it!
Dead Air Online National Public Radio provides full background on the state of streaming audio.

You Can Do Something About Streaming Audio

Keep your favourite stations streaming free!
Click here for facts and ACTION.

NET NEUTRALITY This is very important if you want to be able to keep going, doing, playing or reading whatever you want on line. Corporations such as AT&T, Time Warner, and so on, want to make the information highway a sort of toll road -- and if content providers don't pay, well then they just get shut down!

Bad Transmission Clear Channel's Hit List. The truth about Clear Channel's blacklisted songs after 9/11.
Why did Neil Young play Imagine on the America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon 9/21/01?
Jammin' with Neil More details about why and how Neil came to play Imagine on America: A Tribute to Heroes.
Reclaim the Media
Stop Clear Channel Help stop this gigantic monopoly's stranglehold on YOUR airwaves!
Stop the FCC Deregulation! End the Media Monopoly!
Negativland Pranks Clear Channel! Poetic justice on the airwaves!

Help Neil Young, Johnny Mellencamp, Willie Nelson and Dave Matthews save American family farms.

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