The Sybil Drinking Game

It's July, and this month they'll be re-issuing the original Sybil movie on DVD, so that (like lj-fadingtogrey says) impressionable young multiples can have yet another reason to believe they should feel helpless, confused, and victimized all the time--because heaven knows adolescents don't have enough self-image problems as it is.

While we've received overwhelming proof that Shirley Ardell Mason really was multiple, the book and film were heavily fictionalized and did her, and multiples everywhere, a grave disservice.

This should have been done a long time ago, but it took lj-_frombeyond_ and lj-fadingtogrey to actually do it. Keep in mind that we will probably be adding things to this list, and you can, too.

Take one drink every time:
Sybil loses time
Sally Field screams about "the people"
Sybil runs away from some situation
Piano music is heard
Sybil recovers a horrifying memory
One of the Peggys becomes angry and Talks Like Her Mom
Sybil falls apart in public
Dr. Wilbur has an Amazing New Breakthrough

Take two drinks every time:
Igloos are mentioned
Anyone in the system actually talk to each other
Male selves appear
Dr. Wilbur has an Amazing New breakthrough helped by Vicki

Take three drinks every time:
Male selves build something

Dr. Wilbur asks male selves where their dicks are
Sybil gets to "meet everybody" at the end
We'll be suffering from alchohol poisoning before we're through.

Frankly, I *wish* I could dissociate because it would be nice to be able to repress that awful movie out of my memory.

Learn About The Real Shirley Ardell Mason (Sybil) Here

The movie and book are fictionalized, but there was such a person, and she was multiple.

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