Morton husband files for divorce

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 BY KAREN McDONALD OF THE JOURNAL STAR PEKIN - The husband of the Morton woman charged with killing their 3-year-old daughter filed for divorce Tuesday in Tazewell County Circuit Court citing "extreme and repeated mental cruelty."

Paul McCarron, 37, also is asking the courts to award him sole custody of their second daughter, Emily McCarron, age 2. His wife, Dr. Karen McCarron, 37, is being held in the Tazewell County jail on $2 million bond. She has admitted to suffocating Katherine McCarron, who had autism, on May 13, court records say.

"That without cause or provocation on the part of the Plaintiff, the Defendant has been guilty of extreme and repeated mental cruelty towards the Plaintiff," the divorce petition stated.

Divorce documents did not expand on the mental cruelty allegation. The couple have been married for 10 years.

Neither Paul McCarron nor one of his attorneys, Helen Ogar of Bloomington, could be reached for comment late Tuesday.

In October 2004, Paul McCarron moved to Apex, N.C., to seek better autism treatment for Katherine McCarron at The Mariposa School, which provides year-round instruction for children with autism.

Katherine McCarron left the school April 27 and moved back in with her mother in Morton. Paul McCarron was still working in North Carolina.

Karen McCarron allegedly suffocated Katherine McCarron with a plastic bag while alone at her mother's Morton home, 1611 Copperfield Drive, early Sunday. Police say McCarron confessed to killing the child and tried to overdose on an over-the-counter medication to "end her pain and end Katie's pain."

Also on Tuesday, Paul McCarron, an engineer for Caterpillar Inc., was awarded a temporary restraining order freezing all their marital assets at least until May 30, when another hearing is scheduled.

McCarron sought the order because of a concern that his wife "may dispose of assets" if she learns he's filed for divorce. He's already confirmed she's trying to sell her business interests in the Peoria Tazewell Pathology Group where she has worked as a pathologist, according to an affidavit filed by Paul McCarron.

Karen McCarron is scheduled to appear in court this morning. She is asking her bond be reduced to $500,000, which means she would pay $50,000 to be released.

"...given the nature of offense that (McCarron) confessed to committing ... there is a sufficient lack of trust between the parties," one of Paul McCarron's attorney's, Joseph McCarron of Bloomington, wrote in the emergency petition.

The temporary restraining order does allow Paul McCarron to pay mortgages on their homes at 390 Idlewood and 1611 Copperfield Drive, cover any medical needs, some other basics such as utilities and a monthly stipend totalling $250.

Karen McDonald can be reached at 346-5300 or

Photographs of Katie have been made available for public use by her grandfather. Download yours here: Katie McCarron Photos

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