Betrayed By My Psychiatrist

Guest article by Emily

Emily is a guest-contributor to this site. You can reach her and her group by writing to us using our mail form: put "Attention Emily" in the first line.

I was in my senior year in college and word got out that I had DID/MPD, and that was because my therapist told a group on campus that there was a multiple at the university that was named Emily. It didn't take long for students to put two and two together and figure out it was me. Then to top it off I was instructed by my professor to give a speech at a domestic violence rally. Then on top of that my therapist and the psychiatrists at the center decided to re-structure me to bring integrated alters back and test their theories--unbeknownst to me. I never signed on for this experiment.

I ended with alters back, new alters, and so many introjections that I couldn't function. My internal government was destroyed. That was 13 years ago and a lot of money wasted on bad care. They committed me to avoid a lawsuit and put me in a facility that they could create triggers and developed tests. We then, suffered untold damage and grew very paranoid of everybody and a deep depression set in. They gave so many medications that made me even more dissociative. It was a nightmare. The doctors and therapists could not control all the variables and our family joined in on making sure we suffered more.

I suggest that groups ought to tread slowly and interview their mental health care "professionals" before going into treatment. And avoid it all together if you as a group are functioning and happy...therapy and psychiatrists are not always the answer.


Please write to us if anything like Emily's story has happened to you.

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