The High Church of Multiplicity

By Lemarath's System
Lemarath are a group in Canada. Their website is Multiplicity and you can write to them at thesystem @ multiplicity . ca

Church Bulletin

There will be a prayer meeting Wednesday night at 8:00 to celebrate whichever holiday is closest for whoever would like to be present at the meeting.

Reminder: next week we are collecting more images for our inner world collage.

We're pleased to announce that we were able to collect $527 at the Uber-Mall fundraising drive - this will be distributed amongst the first 3 charities pulled from our charity lottery drum: the SPCA, PFLAG, and FMS.

Whoever put the FMS into the charity lottery drum please be reminded that we do not need another food fight in the after-service tea

Final bowling night: don't forget that the Pagan and Fundamentalist Demonic Bowling teams will be having their final league game of the season - come on out and cheer them on.

Walk-ins support group meets this Tuesday. This week's topic: how to be an object of unrequited love, part two.

Kid's Korner: dont ferget to get yer entries in fer the best picture of any religius person contest! next week we will have plastercine bukets on each pew in case yer bored.

Prayer of the week: God, Goddess, Gods, Satan, Dark Ones, Powers of Ritual, Spirits, Energies, Enlightened Ones, &/or Nature, please help me to accept those in my system I cannot change before I start a war or kill them, help me not to throttle well meaning friends and relatives who try to fix me, and please let there be chocolate in the fridge the next time I am up in the middle of the night. Saints, Minor Gods and Goddesses, Powers of Incantation, Totem Animals, Crystals, and Guides, intercede with life that my triggers come to me when I am not in the middle of a major work/school presentation and that my therapist may have a clue. For the Many are Many and Like It That Way, Amen.

Written by members of
Lemarath's System
and reprinted here by permission.

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