In Essence: Our Pledge of Responsibility

1. This body is participated in by a group of persons who cooperate to regulate themselves in an organised fashion.

2. Our intention is to function at or beyond the level of any average individual in the society around us. We agree to remain aware of our own needs and requirements and take action to fulfill said needs without requiring external control. As long as we follow this agreement, we can be counted upon to be aware of our own state of being(s) and to take an active interest in our interactions with society. Until and unless we prove ourselves to be incapable of maintaining our basic physical needs and appropriate level of daily functioning, we are to be assumed to be mentally and legally competent.

3. If the behavior of an individual in our group becomes a problem and we are unable to restrain it, we must and will accept and address the consequences of said behavior. Though individuals may behave in a way that is not representative of the whole, the group accepts full responsibility for same.

4. As long as we are functional in terms of activities of daily living, it is our right to decide when and where we require external assistance. If, at any time, the group becomes unbalanced or non-functional, we can and will take action to correct the problem.

5. We will maintain the necessary checks and balances to maintain an appropriate level of functionality and well-being. It should be assumed that we have said checks and balances present until disproved.

6. All members of this group can and will be held to this declaration's intent if they are to interact with the world-at-large (that is, if they intend to front-run). If at any time, our internal circumstances undergo a drastic enough change to warrant a re-assessment of whether or not we can keep to this agreement, it is our duty to declare that the affirmation is no longer applicable and to reestimate said agreement and restate if necessary. If enough members of the group do not agree to the standard, it must be canceled.

7. As long as we participate in the world-at-large, we will remember to respect other people for how they present themselves to us, regardless of if they are singlet or plural to whichever degree, and whether they think of themselves as people, fragments, soulbonds/muses/puppets, or characters. We will not measure ourselves against others, but regard them upon the grounds of how they interact with us. We will expect the same courtesy from them.

8. We declare that we can be counted on to operate with the goal of being a functional member of society and that we should be given the proper status therein, unrestricted by the nature of our essential state. Those who interact with us can expect that we operate with these standards in play and will willingly repair problems if they arise.

Signed and dated by
jason lee greenwillow (choi sii'chan)
Gabriel Randolph (Choi Nayu)
Bluejay Young (Choi Kairu Tarenguil-Jazoreh) for Guardian Council
Anthony Temple (Chiu Nicha Frajin) for the Wordsmith's Guild
H.R.H. Prince Ezareh Enata for High Council
H.R.H. Princess Shari Iya for High Council


Originally pledged Saturday, January 12, 2002.
Posted Tuesday, September 10, 2002.
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You can write your own In Essence pledge. It does not have to be precisely like this one. All that's required is that you create a brief, formal statement of personal/system responsibility signed by the system at large.

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