Astraea Research and Typing Service

Astraea Word Service offers personal research, editing and typing services. We specialize in, but are not limited to, papers and presentations on Multiple Personality, Folklore, and Comparative Religion. We also offer simple web page design (which will become more sophisticated as we upgrade our system!).

Research and Editing: $20 per hour. This includes interviews or time taken to fill out questionnaires.
Straight Typing: $8 per page
HTML coding: $16 per hour

We do not regard multiple personality either as a disorder or a mental disease; it is a natural facility, with possible genetic origins. We do not believe it is caused by childhood trauma. These views, which are supported by the latest psychological research, are likely to be reflected in our work.

If you are writing a novel, teleplay, or screenplay in which there are characters who are in multiple person(ality) households, we would be glad to read through it and make any necessary corrections so that Multiple Personality is accurately portrayed. Charge: our hourly rate.

We have a book list which attempts to cover every book ever written about multiplicity. We do not endorse any of these books as accurately representing the multiple experience, but carry them anyway so that people can find out how the mental health industry treats multiples.

And if you find any new books, articles or other information not covered on our web page, let us know and we'll check it out! Thanks!

Good Luck!

Jay Young and Anthony Temple
Astraea's Word Service

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