The Multiple Code
The Multiple Code
Created by members of The Consortium system, March 2001.
Edits and updates by members of Astraea system, January 2004.
Most recent update: Thursday, July 6, 2006.

Social (So*)

How social are you with "outsiders"? Do you tend to be extroverted or introverted?

So+++We're only happy as part of a huge crowd.
So++We have a lot of friends, and try to be with them as often as possible.
So+We love living in a community.
SoWe have a few close friends.
So-We associate with our extended family or a few friends occasionally.
So--We live with a roommate or significant other.
So---We like to be solitary, just us. Pretty much a hermit.
So---!And we wish there wasn't "us" to bother us either!

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