The Multiple Code
The Multiple Code
Created by members of The Consortium system, March 2001.
Edits and updates by members of Astraea system, January 2004.
Most recent update: Thursday, July 6, 2006.

Sexuality (X*)

Sexuality, like gender, can be a complicated point for multiples. This tag is to denote the sexuality of both the system overall and uses a distribution tag to specify individual sexualities within the system (X, with the sexuality the system presents or identifies with, followed by members' sexualities separated by backslashes in parentheses).


For example:

Xs!(s/g/b/o/^@&) is a system which identifies as straight and involved in BDSM, but whose members include people who are straight, gay, bi and of other sexualities, and some of whom have unidentified kinks, are into leather and/or corsets.

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