The Multiple Code
The Multiple Code
Created by members of The Consortium system, March 2001.
Edits and updates by members of Astraea system, January 2004.
Most recent update: Thursday, July 6, 2006.

Roleplaying (R*)

Roleplaying games are a factor in some system's lives. Sometimes people in a system may present themselves as a character in order to have fun and express themselves in the Earth world, sometimes new members of a system are discovered through roleplaying, and sometimes it's just for fun! This tag represents how involved in RP you are. (It makes reference to mostly tabletop RP [D&D, World of Darkness, Shadowrun] but can mean live action, MUCK-like or round robin writing style roleplay as well.)

R+++We've written and published our own gaming materials.
R++There is no life but roleplay. We know all the rules of my chosen game; don't need no handbook. Our dice are our friends.
R+We have regular sessions for roleplay set up. Wait anxiously for the next one.
RFun enough, it'll kill time. We'll roleplay once in a while.
R-Tried it, but decided it wasn't for us.
R--Our life is exotic enough. Who needs roleplay?
R---We don't associate with people who roleplay.

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