The Multiple Code
The Multiple Code
Created by members of The Consortium system, March 2001.
Edits and updates by members of Astraea system, January 2004.
Most recent update: Thursday, July 6, 2006.

Number (N*)

The number of (known) people who make up your system. This is not necessarily the number of people who use the body; larger-population groups usually have a lot of people who never take the body, and a smaller subgroup of frontrunners.

N---!Huh? There's only one (1) to this body!
N---Two (2) to Three (3)
N--Four (4) to Ten (10)
N-Eleven (11) to Twenty (20)
NTwentyone (21) to Fifty (50)
N+Fiftyone (51) to Sixty (60)
N++Sixtyone (61) to Eighty (80)
N+++Eightyone (81) to One Hundred (100)
N++++One Hundred (100) to One Thousand (1,000)
N++++!Over One Thousand (1,000+)
N~Not one, not many -- mid-continuum.
N?Darned if we know!