The Multiple Code
The Multiple Code
Created by members of The Consortium system, March 2001.
Edits and updates by members of Astraea system, January 2004.
Most recent update: Thursday, July 6, 2006.

Integration (I*)

Integration is a controversial goal of some multiples, combining all members of a system into one. What's your stance?

I+++I've achieved my goal of integration. What once was many, now is one.
I++We're working on it; we hope to achieve unity as a single person.
I+It is or may be our aim in the future, but we're not working towards integration at this time.
IOur system has natural mergings and seperations, but integration is not something we actively pursue as a goal.
I-We're not currently considering integration as an objective for our system, although no one knows where the future may take us.
I--We have no intentions of getting squooshed together and find the idea of integration distasteful.
I---Integrate this, buddy!


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